Quality Assurance and Testing

Quality Assurance and Testing

Increased competition demanding better quality and performance with reduced costs has made QA all the more important. We at HSN provide software Quality Assurance (QA) services ensuring high quality and superior performance. We have helped our clients achieve competitive advantage, leveraging on our suite of testing procedures.

By leveraging our capabilities in both automation and manual testing we perform a comprehensive analysis of customer requirements and use the best suited methodology to deliver a high quality product within the stipulated time period.

We have built customizable test automation frameworks which aims to increase the time-to-market. We also offer including technical assistance in testing client products for specific compliance and certification requirements.

The software solutions that we create at HSN are comprehensively checked for quality and tested to enable your business grow from strength to strength by achieving significant customer satisfaction. We deal with all the functional, performance, quality, and reliability issues faced by our clients and help them in reducing or eliminating the same by our comprehensively tested software.

HSN Technologies enable enterprises and organizations to make their Software Development/Web Application Development activities more successful and complete projects within time and budget by providing systematic software quality assurance. We can safely say that we differ from our counterparts in the fact that our software development is not only proficient but we also promise implementation expertise and process maturity.

Our quality assurance makes sure the project will be completed based on the previously agreed specifications, standards and functionality required without defects and problems.

At HSN, QA is involved in the project from the beginning. This helps the teams communicate and understand the problems and concerns, also gives time to set up the testing environment and configuration. On the other hand, actual testing starts after the test plans are written, reviewed and approved based on the design documentation.

HSN offers world-class testing services focusing on key business domains and delivering world class services that are attuned to industry-specific needs in the light of the industry shifting from internal testing scenario to outsourced or independent testing in order to reduce cost, accelerate test cycles and improve quality.

HSN’s in-depth knowledge and seamless interface with vertical markets ensure quick understanding of our customer’s business priorities and the applications under test. This helps us in providing clear, scalable, effective and strategic testing solutions for achieving operational & profit goals to our customers.

The company provides a framework for assessing organizational testing practices and procedures. We particularly specialize in

  • Automation testing
  • Manual testing
  • Automation testing also known as Test Automation, is when the tester writes scripts and uses another software to test the software. Automation Testing is used to re-run the test scenarios that were performed manually, quickly and repeatedly.

    Apart from regression testing, Automation testing is also used to test the application from load, performance and stress point of view. It increases the test coverage; improve accuracy, saves time and money in comparison to manual testing.

    Manual testing
    This comprises of testing of the software manually without the use of any automated tool or any script. In this procedure, the tester takes over the role of an end user and test the software to identify any un-expected behavior or bug. There are different stages for manual testing like unit testing, Integration testing, System testing and User Acceptance testing.

    Testers use test plan, test cases or test scenarios to test the Software to ensure the completeness of testing. Manual testing also includes exploratory testing as testers explore the software to identify errors in it.

    Maintenance and Support
    We provide maintenance and support services for your software systems aimed at customer satisfaction and business continuity. We are adept at fixing errors and promise to enhance the functionality of your systems. Our round-the-clock support services will ensure software availability to achieve increased productivity .

    Continuous improvement of an organization’s products and applications are required for its development. To achieve this, organizations need to work on achieving specific technical expertise, end-user satisfaction, business continuity etc. Hsntechnologies provides comprehensive maintenance and support services to help clients manage complex applications without losing focus of their core business activities.

    We at HSNtechnologies provide world-class software maintenance and support services. As business organizations try and integrate their business and IT strategies, we would ;ike to help them to achieve their goals, by offering on-time support and value-added maintenance services.

    We maintain the various software systems of your organization and keep them functional to fulfill various business needs of the organization. The cost-efficient maintenance services at HSN also feature important elements of planning aimed at post delivery operations, supportability and logistics determination. We also provide services in the areas of database migration, version upgrade, language migration, functionality upgrades, re-engineering and porting.

    Our maintenance and support services employ corrective maintenance to do away with errors and bugs, ranging from wrongly spelled words in your software interface to incorrect algorithms in your end product. Broadly, we will take care to avoid design errors, coding errors and also logical errors.

    At times, software maintenance requires changes pertaining to your application's operating environment. These include incorporating new operating systems, hardware configuration changes, changes in data format, regulations & localizations alterations and modification of supporting utilities.

    We provide various maintenance services comprising of all changes & modifications, deletions & insertions or extensions & enhancements in the existing software to cater to the needs of the clients. This aims at improving performance, maintainability, and other features.
    The software maintenance service at HSN can minimize your software down-time. We assume responsibility for the maintenance and support of any software solution and provide reliable software infrastructure for each of our customers.

    Our team of professionals with narrow specialization in software maintenance and support is uniquely qualified to settle the most difficult software problems and issues.
    HSN is constantly focused on the latest technology research to improve the fail-safe characteristics of your software. HSN will professionally develop and implement the new application functionality, which may include transformation, migration, and extension of your current application or legacy system to keep it usable and relevant to actual customer’s needs.

    We at HSN strive to ensure that our solutions are absolutely dependable and that they offer not only maximum availability but also maximum back-up and data security. Our all-round support and maintenance services leverage your data security, backup and recovery, increasing up-time of your IT system.

    Our maintenance and support outsourcing options comprise great flexibility: you pay only for the services you need and when you need them. As your maintenance needs change, HSN offers a wealth of options to switch to. Оur dedicated software maintenance team stays in line with the cutting-edge technology tendencies, which ensures maximum uptime of your application and its dynamic compliance with the industry standards.