Product Development

Product Development

Offshore Product Development

People wish to progress in their businesses but are apprehensive about the exorbitant prices fixed to it. We, at HSN understand the value attached to this. So, along these lines we have come up with something that people have been looking forward to!

Our Work:

  • We not only advice ISV’s (Independent Software Vendors) but also start-up’s about the vital role Offshore Web Development Company is doing to the businesses.
  • Our R & D team works meticulously with the company’s engineering team.
  • Also does the groundwork, as in scrutinizing the robustness and deficiencies of the company, thereby, doling out the viable/ out of the box solutions.
  • Within the timeframe we give the project; all done at a nominal price, while also keeping an eye out for meeting the market demands!!!
  • Along with others we apply development methodologies like v, agile scrum – based and waterfall models to give that extra edge over others.
  • HSN’s UX design teams make certain that UI is spontaneous and proficient to accomplish the set goal.

Why Offshore Software Product Development???

Offshore software web/ product development gives the firms the supremacy to -

  • Product proprietorship.
  • Build up an intensive strategic force.
  • Maintain unceasing management.
  • Boost their income.
  • Justify the production cost.
  • Implements top-notch methods because of “Six Sigma” and “Capability Maturity Model” programs.

Offshore Software Product Development – Services outsourced:

The IT firms are able to mostly out-source the core and non-core activities depending on their accessibility. But, the frequent services include –

Core Services:

  • Market review about the user’s prerequisite.
  • Understanding the nitty-gritty’s of technical requirements.
  • Interpreting the apt product.
  • Revising functional specification.
  • Designing the product.

Non - Core Services:

  • Intrinsic development.
  • Product development and amalgamation.
  • Internationalisation/ localization.
  • Multi – lingual features.
  • Compatibility for cross platform use.
  • QA consulting.
  • Test automation.
  • Test for regression, security, performance, function et al.
  • IT support provided.

Offshore Software Product Development Perks:

Been here for time immemorial in the form of outsourcing, the IT coup began in the 1990’s to offer diverse channels for product development. On the other hand, offshore ISV’s are coming up with inexpensive stuff and at the same time are able to mint money. They bank on the following –

Upgraded Core Service:

Offshore vendors get their hands on the latest technology, are enthusiastic and in the know – how; assuring to make a mark out there.


IT companies are saving up to 60% of operational cost thus increasing their market presence for subsidized but quality solutions.

Viable Spot:

Offshore Product Development comes as a rescue to the companies from large investments in technology and training allowing them to take head on the market competition and expanding their clientèle. Finally, we can be depended on any domain – specific services like both Web Application Development and Web Designing, backing the independent component developments; strengthening the services by and large.